7th Africa Water Week stresses importance of joining force with multiple stakeholders


From 29th October to 2nd November the 7th African water week was held in Libreville, Gabon, South Africa. 1000 participants from governments, regional institutions, international partners, the private sector, the scientific community and civil society discussed different approaches to achieve Water Security and Safely Managed Sanitation for Africa.

During the African Water Week the African Ministers Council on Water stressed the need of joining forces to enhance momentum on achieving the SDG 6 (on water security and sanitation) and work towards the  Africa Water Vision 2025 of the African development bank.

As one outcome of the conference, the “THE LIBREVILLE MULTI STAKEHOLDERS' DECLARATION” was released which stressed, among others, the need to prioritise safe and affordable drinking water for the poor and increase focus on improving data monitoring networks. Furthermore the importance of strengthening trans-boundary partnerships of state authorities, the private sector and other non-state actors to increase Africa-wide water investments and cooperation networks was emphasized. In addition, the African Union is asked to declare 2021 as the year for water and sanitation in alignment with the 2021 World Water Forum to be hosted in Dakar, Senegal.

With SAWAM, iWAGSS, and ViWa three projects of the GRoW network are developing solutions to water resources challenges in different regions on the African continent and thus support progressing towards the 2025 African Water Vision.

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