GRoW publishes position paper on SDG 6


With the HLPF 2018 in mind, researchers of GRoW have identified key challenges for achieving SDG 6.

Agreeing on the SDGs was a tremendous accomplishment for the international community, and continuing on this path is essential for our joint future. Achieving the targets will require ongoing efforts, new approaches and the examination of challenges. Partners of the research program Water as a global Resource (GRoW) formulated therefore in view of the forthcoming High-level Political Forum on Sustainable Development (HLPF) and this year’s SDG 6 in-depth review a positon paper to highlight important challenges for achieving the ambitious goal of SDG 6 from a science perspective.

As a research programme GRoW in particular aims to contribute to achieving SDG 6. GRoW brings together more than 90 institutions active in research, business and practice working together in more than 20 countries worldwide to develop new approaches for improving sustainable water resources management and water governance systems. 

Strengthening the evidence base for the SDG process

In this position paper the GRoW projects emphasise the need to provide a better evidence-base for achieving and monitoring SDG 6. GRoW calls for a global platform which would bring together science, policy and practice to provide synthesis on key water topics, consolidate knowledge on implementing the SDGs and thereby strengthen evidence-based decision-making.

Download the position paper here.