Article of GRoW Project MedWater in German daily newspaper “Tagesspiegel”


Project coordinator Prof. Dr. Irina Engelhardt of the Berlin Technical University spoke with the newspaper “Tagesspiegel” about GRoW Project MedWater.

In the article, Prof. Engelhardt explains the current groundwater challenges of the karst aquifers in the Middle East. The water table is sinking there and springs are drying up. In order to have sufficient water supply, it must be processed, desalinated and transported over long distances. The water scarcity issues are further exacerbated by the growing population and other climate changes.

So far, MedWater has already released 3 publications (available here) based on their results of the research. And this interview at the “Tagesspiegel” was a good opportunity to inform the public of the importance of understanding karstic aquifers systems, especially in water stressed areas such as the Middle East. The full German newspaper article can be accessed online here