Close cooperation between GroW-project TRUST and local stakeholders in Lima, Peru


TRUST supports the municipality of San Andrés de Tupicocha (Province of Huarochirí, Lima, Peru), which encompasses 1,000 habitants, in developing sustainable solutions for safe drinking water supply and wastewater treatment. Essential for the successful implementation of such solutions are an intensive knowledge exchange as well as close cooperation and involvement of local actors. In doing so, the GRoW-project TRUST contributes to the development of concepts that are specifically adapted to local conditions. As a result, social acceptance of these concepts is strengthened and a more sustainable concept implementation that extends beyond the project period is encouraged.

Against this background, the municipal councils of San Andrés de Tupicocha and the TRUST project partners met on 30 March 2019. On this occasion, Mayor Vicente Armando Rojas Capistrano and TRUST-Coordinator Christian D. León signed an agreement to pave the way for future cooperation.

More information can be found at the Trust-Website (German and Spanish).

Left: Christian D. León (Project Coordinator TRUST); Right: Vicente Armando Rojas Capistrano (Mayor of San Andrés de Tupicocha)