GRoW final conference

Save the NEW date: 20 - 21 October 2020

Water as a Global Resource Conference, Berlin

The GRoW final conference takes place in hybrid form and offers the possibility to participate on-site at Umweltforum in Berlin or online. Please note, that the number of participants of the event, both physical and virtual, is limited. More information on the hybrid format will be provided in due time.

Global analyses and local solutions for sustainable water resources management

Be part of the GRoW Final Conference with 300+ experts from research, policy and practice presenting the results of 3 years of applied water research in 12 cooperation projects and discuss the future of water as a global resource.

What to expect at the GRoW Final Conference:

  • Learn more about new methods and solutions for sustainable water resources management developed in 12 cooperation projects and 40 case studies worldwide
  • Discuss potential applications during specific stakeholders sessions
  • Engage with a community of over 90 German and international partner institutions at our GRoW marketplace
  • Reflect on the global water crisis, GRoW results and recommendations in a panel discussion with high-level representatives from international organisations, water research, policy and management practice