GRoW final conference

Save-the-date: Water as a Global Resource Conference, Berlin 2020

Global analyses and local solutions for sustainable water resources management

Be part of the GRoW Final Conference with 300+ experts from research, policy and practice presenting the results of 3 years of applied water research in 12 cooperation projects and discuss the future of water as a global resource.

Further details on the programme will soon be available here!


Thematic scope of GRoW cooperation projects

Global water resources

  • ViWA – Efficient and sustainable global water use
  • SaWaM – Seasonal water management in semi-arid regions
  • MuDak-WRM – Adapted approaches for monitoring and modelling water quality in reservoirs
  • MedWater – Sustainable use of politically and economically relevant water resources in hydraulically, climatically and ecologically highly dynamic hard-rock aquifers in the Mediterranean region
  • GlobeDrought – Global information system on droughts and their impact

Global water demand

  • InoCottonGRoW – The global textile industry: Germany’s water footprint in Pakistan
  • WELLE – Determining the water footprint of companies
  • WANDEL – The impact of water availability on a global energy transition

Good governance in the water sector

  • Trust – Innovative planning tools for drinking water supply in water-scarce regions
  • STEER – Cross-sector coordination in water resources management
  • iWaGSS – Monitoring-based water governance system
  • go-CAM – Implementation of strategic development goals in coastal zone management



Water footprint
Water use efficiency
Hydrological models
Governance tools
Climate models
Remote Sensing
Water Trade Analysis
SDG-Progress monitoring
Water quality and quantity monitoring
Groundwater and safe water reservoirs
Improved production
Water Stewardship