GRoW final conference

20 - 21 October 2020

Water as a Global Resource Conference


Be part of the GRoW Final Conference with nearly 400 experts from research, policy and practice presenting the results of 3 years of applied water research in 12 cooperation projects and discuss the future of water as a global resource.

The conference takes place in hybrid form and offers the possibility to participate on-site at Umweltforum in Berlin, as well as online. More information on the hybrid format is provided here.ticipants of the event, both physical and virtual, is limited - so safe your seat now!

What to expect at the GRoW Final Conference:

  • Learn more about new methods and solutions for sustainable water resources management developed in 12 cooperation projects and 40 case studies worldwide
  • Discuss potential applications during specific stakeholders sessions
  • Engage with a community of over 90 German and international partner institutions at our GRoW marketplace
  • Reflect on the global water crisis, GRoW results and recommendations in a panel discussion with high-level representatives from international organisations, water research, policy and management practice

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

  • Who will physically attend the conference?

We regret to inform you that due to Corona-related restrictions, only about 70 people can physically participate in the Umweltforum Berlin. In order to guarantee an adequate transmission quality of the input presentations and discussions, we will give priority to speakers, panellists and moderators. All other participants who wish to participate physically are nevertheless invited to indicate this when registering for the conference. As soon as we have more certainty about the Corona-related regulations and the maximum permitted number of physical participants in October, we will directly contact all participants registered. Either way, a virtual community manager will ensure that the virtual participants are equally involved in conference activities.

  • Is registration only required for physical, or also for online participants?

Registration is required for everyone, both physical and digital participants, to attend the conference.

  • Do I need to download an App to join the virtual marketplace and the conference stream?

You do not need to download an application in order to join the marketplace and conference virtually. The transmission of the live stream is web browser-based. We recommend installing the latest browser version.

  • I only want to stream parts of the live event. Can I tune in after the conference already started?

Once registered, each session of the conference can be entered via the conference platform.

  • As an online participant, can I get in touch with a physical participant?

Project contact persons available for discussions, in particular speakers, will introduce themselves at the respective marketplace booths and, in the best case, will already provide a schedule of their availability for networking appointments. Online participants can view this information and request virtual meetings.