Re-live programme

In case you missed the Water as a Global Resource Conference on 20-21 October 2020, you can watch the recordings of the live event in Berlin here or on the GRoW Virtual Marketplace. The GroW Virtual Marketplace offers many other interesting products of the GRoW projects including a Marketplace Quiz with exciting rewards. Don't miss to visit the marketplace before it goes offline at the end of November. 

Day 1, 20 October 2020 

Welcoming Words and Keynote
(Oda Keppler, BMBF; Prof Stefan Uhlenbrook, IWMI; Dr Olcay Ünver, Arizona State University, formerly UN Water)

Plenary Session on Global Water Resources
(Prof Wolfram Mauser, LMU Munich; Prof Stefan Siebert, University of Göttingen; Prof Harald Kunstmann, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology; PD Dr Stephan Fuchs, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology; Prof Irina Engelhardt, TU Berlin)

Stakeholder Forum A: Digital Innovations for Managing Water Quantity
(Dr Heike Bach, Vista; Tobias Landmann, RSS GmbH)

Stakeholder Forum B: Water Quality Management
(Dr Christian Schmidt, UFZ; Dr Mauricio Bergamini Scheer, Sanepar, Brazil; Dr Eddie Riddell, SANParks, South Africa)

Plenary Session on Global Water Demand
(Dr Markus Berger, TU Berlin; Dr Frank-Andreas Weber, FiW e.V.)

GRoW Cross-Cutting Topics
(Dr Markus Berger, TU Berlin; Dr Frank-Andreas Weber, FiW e.V.; Prof Karl-Ulrich Rudolph, IEEM gGmbH – University Witten/Herdecke)

Day 2, 21 October 2020

Plenary Session on Global Water Demand and Good Governance
(Prof Martina Flörke, RUB; Prof Claudia Pahl-Wostl, University of Osnabrück; Christian León, University of Stuttgart)

Plenary Session on Good Governance in the Water Sector
(Jens Hilbig, IEEM gGmbH – University Witten/Herdecke; Michael Sander, Giscon)

Stakeholder Forum C: Decision Support Systems to Prevent Water Conflicts
(Sabine Stuart-Hill, University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa; Egon Harms, OOWV; Dr Andreas Abecker, Disy; Dr Micha Gebel, VisDat)

Stakeholder Forum D: Applying Water Footprint Tools
(Aurélie Wojciechowski, Evonik; Vikash Sinha, GIZ; Vinicius Bof Bufon, Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation)

High-Level Panel
(Dr Olcay Ünver, Arizona State University; Prof Stefan Uhlenbrook, IWMI; Barbara Gerhager, GIZ; Harald Schölzel, EIB; Peter Saling, BASF)

GRoW Recommendations for Policy and Practice
(Prof Wolfram Mauser, LMU Munich)

Side Events

STEER - Webinar on the diagnostic governance tool and the STEER conceptual approach

TRUST - Safe drinking water supply and wastewater reuse: achieving SDG 6 in rural communities

WANDEL - Panel on science and practice

SaWaM Online Tools

go-CAM - Webinar on the CAM-tools

ViWA - Webinar on Water-Food-Energy- Ecosystem Nexus - a regional example