Meetings, conferences and events from the water sector

January 2020

World Future Energy Summit 
January 13-16 in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Deadline Call for Abstracts for session "Groundwater in a changing environment - Sustainability and adaptive management of resources" at EGU General Assembly in May 2020
January 15

Deadline Call for Abstracts for the "River Basins" Conference in June 2020
January 20

International Conference on Saltwater Intrusion and Salt Damage
January 20-21 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

February 2020

African Water Association - International Congress and Exhibition
February 24-27 in Kampala, Uganda

World Water Tech Innovation Summit
February 25-26 in London, United Kingdom

March 2020

ESSENER TAGUNG für Wasserwirtschaft
March 18-20 in Essen, Germany

Bund/Länder-Arbeitsgemeinschaft Wasser
March 19-20 in Munich, Germany

UN World Water Day
March 22

German-African Energy Forum
March 25-26 in Hamburg, Germany

Global Water Summit
March 29-31 in Madrid, Spain

Water in Industry
March 30 - April 2 in Nanjing, China

Tag der Hydrologie
March 31- April 1 in Potsdam, Germany

Water Show Africa
March 31 - April 1 in Johannesburg, South Africa

Asia Water
March 31 - April 2 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

April 2020

Design-Build for Water/Wastewater Conference
April 20-22 in Dallas, United States

Water Week
April 26-2 May in Washington, D.C., United States

IWA Digital Water Summit
April 27-30 in Bilbao, Spain

May 2020

SETAC Europe
May 3-7 in Dublin, Ireland

EGU General Assembly
May 3-8 in Vienna, Austria

EGU-Session "Groundwater in a changing environment - Sustainability and adaptive management of resources"
May 3-8 in Vienna, Austria

May 4-8 in Munich, Germany

International Conference on Sustainable Development and Planning
May 6-8 in A Coruña, Spain

International Conference on Flood and Urban Water Management  (FRIAR)
May 11-13 in Valencia, Spain

World Water Congress
May 11-15 in Daegu, South Korea

International Conference on Monitoring, Modelling and Management of Water Pollution
May 13-15 in Valencia, Spain

Smart Cities India
May 20-22 in New Delhi, India

International Symposium on Knowledge and Capacity for the Water Sector
May 27-29 in Delft, The Netherlands

June 2020

Desalination for the Environment Congress
June, 7-11 in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain

European Maritime Day
June 8 in Cork, Irland

International Conference on Environmental and Economic Impact on Sustainable Development
June 9-12 in Seville, Spain

"River Basins" - International Conference on Monitoring, Modelling and Management of River Basins
June 25-26 in Budapest, Hungary

July 2020

Singapore International World Water Week
July 5-9 in Singapore

High-level Political Forum
August 7-16 in New York, USA

International Conference on Sustainable Water Resources Management
July 16-17 in Stockholm, Sweden

August 2020

World Water Week
August 23-28 in Stockholm, Sweden

Salt Water Intrusion Meeting
August 3-4 in San Diego, USA

European Conference on Flood Risk Management
August 31 - September 4 in Budapest, Ungarn

September 2020

SETAC World Congress
September 6-10 in Singapore

Oman Energy & Water Conference & Exhibition
September 7-9 in Maskat, Oman

Bund/Länder-Arbeitsgemeinschaft Wasser (LAWA) Vollversammlung
September 17-18 in Irsee, Germany

October 2020

World Water Congress & Exhibition
October 18-23 in Copenhagen, Denmark

Asia-Pacific Water Summit
October 19-20 in Kumamoto, Japan

November 2020

UN Climate Change Conference COP 26
November 9-19 in Glasgow, United Kingdom

Water, Wastewater and Environmental Monitoring (WWEM)
November 19-20 in Telford, United Kingdom

December 2020

AGU Fall Meeting
December 7-11 in San Francisco, USA