GRoW Policy Brief published: “Advancing the Water Footprint into an instrument to support achieving the SDGs”


GRoW raises awareness on the potential of the water footprint concept to inform decision-making in the public and private sectors towards improved water management and achieving the SDGs.

The water footprint has developed into a widely-used concept to examine water use and resulting local impacts caused during agricultural and industrial production. Building on recent advancements in the water footprint concept, it can be an effective steering instrument to support, inter alia, achieving sustainable development goals (SDGs) - SDG 6 in particular.

Within GRoW, a number of research projects currently apply and enhance the water footprint concept in order to identify areas where water is being used inefficiently and implement practical optimisation measures.

The GRoW Policy Brief will be presented at the World Water Week in Stockholm on 26 August 2019. More on the event “Supporting SDG6 by advancing the water footprint tool”

This policy brief has been developed by a group of researchers involved in the various GRoW projects concerned with water footprint and the GRoW Advisory Board member Dr Falk Schmidt, IASS Potsdam:

Download the policy brief here.