GRoW Project Coordinator as an expert at the seminar "Climate Change, Water and Health Interactions" in Lima, Peru


Christian D. León, coordinator of the GRoW-project TRUST, participated in a seminar in Lima as a panelist, talking about the nexus between water, health and climate change.

On 10 April 2019, the seminar "Climate Change, Water and Health Interactions" took place in Lima, organized by Peru’s State Regulatory Authority for Water and Sanitation Services (SUNASS Superintendencia Nacional de Servicios de Saneamiento) and the International Secretariat for Water (Secrétariat International de l'eau, SIE).

The seminar discussed first results of a research project of the SIE, which deals with the influence of climate change on health in three communities of the Andean region Ayacucho. The project examines how climate change-related factors, such as precipitation, wind and temperature, have a positive or negative impact on water-borne diseases. In addition, the project shows how secure access to water and sanitation can reduce the vulnerability of communities to climate change and which political measures are to be taken at the national level to improve cooperation between the sectors health, environment, housing, and water and sanitation.

Christian D. León, coordinator of the GRoW-project TRUST, took part in the seminar as a panelist. His expertise relates to concepts for safe access to drinking water and sustainable sanitation, taking into account local specifics and social acceptance.

More information can be found at the Trust-Website (German and Spanish) and on the SUNASS-Website (Spanish).

From left to right: Roger Loyola (SUNASS), Vladimir Arana (Secrétariat international de l’eau), Christian D. León (TRUST, University of Stuttgart), Marco Ramirez (Colegio de Ingenieros), Sol Sanguinetti (Instituto de Tecnología y Ambiente)