Impressions of drone flights in the iWaGSS project


A video by DIE GEWÄSSER-EXPERTEN! shows aerial photographs and 3D models generated during various field trips in South Africa.

Based on new technologies and tools, the project iWaGSS is currently developing an innovative water governance system for easing water stress and sustainably managing water resources. Part of this real-time water management system is a GIS-based hydrological modelling to contribute to a better risk assessment.

Against this background, the iWaGSS project partner DIE GEWÄSSER-EXPERTEN! present an excerpt from their work in progress based on various field trips. The result is a combination of video material that was recorded with a multicopter, and animated 3D models, which have been created photogrammetrically from aerial photographs. The video shows the catchment area of ​​the Lower Olifants River in Kruger National Park South Africa.

More impressions in the form of videos and pictures can be found here.