Meeting management challenges through improved water governance – a new publication from the STEER project


Prof Dr Claudia Pahl-Wostl, coordinator of the GRoW joint project STEER, published together with her co-authors the article "Enhancing the capacity of water governance to deal with complex management challenges: A framework of analysis".

The article published in the current issue of the journal "Environmental Sciences & Policy" deals with coordination challenges in the implementation of integrated approaches in water governance and management. The authors present a framework that enables a transdisciplinary diagnostic approach to address such coordination problems. The approach aims at overcoming some of the challenges identified in science and water governance practice by combining context-specific participatory assessments of individual cases with a comparative case analysis. The focus is on regional and local implementation processes and their embedding in a multi-level water governance system as well as in a specific socio-ecological context.

The full article can be downloaded free of charge here until April 14, 2020.