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Within GRoW, the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) is funding twelve joint research projects and one networking and transfer project. Each research project is made up of several subprojects and work packages, in which the partners from research, industry and practice jointly carry out the project activities and contribute to the funding measure’s overarching aims.


Networking and transfer

  • GRoWnet - Networking and transfer project within the BMBF funding measure

In terms of their individual focus, the twelve joint research projects can be assigned to one of three thematic fields:

1. Global water resources

Joint research projects working on this topic:

  • ViWA – Efficient and sustainable global water use
  • SaWaM – Seasonal water management in semi-arid regions
  • MuDak-WRM – Adapted approaches for monitoring and modelling water quality in reservoirs
  • MedWater – Sustainable use of politically and economically relevant water resources in hydraulically, climatically and ecologically highly dynamic hard-rock aquifers in the Mediterranean region
  • GlobeDrought – Global information system on droughts and their impact

2. Global water demand

Joint research projects working on this topic:

  • InoCottonGRoW – The global textile industry: Germany’s water footprint in Pakistan
  • WELLE – Determining the water footprint of companies
  • WANDEL – The impact of water availability on a global energy transition

3. Good governance in the water sector

Joint research projects working on this topic:

  • TRUST – Innovative planning tools for drinking water supply in water-scarce regions
  • STEER – Cross-sector coordination in water resources management
  • iWaGSS – Monitoring-based water governance system
  • go-CAM – Implementation of strategic development goals in coastal zone management

Associated project

  • GlobeWQ – Pilot Project to create a 'Global Water Quality Analysis and Service Platform'