GRoW - Water as a global resource

GRoW Webinar # 1-Reservoir and surface water management: water quality and sediment (in German)

GRoW Webinar # 2-Using Remote Sensing for Efficient Water Management in Agriculture

InoCottonGRoW Video

SaWaM Image Movie

TRUST: Künstliche Intelligenz in der Umweltforschung

STEER: Introducing the Diagnostic Water Governance Tool

CAM Dialogue Platform

Impressions Selati River and Savong monitoring site

MuDaK Sanepar Contribution

MuDaK Data integration with the Sensor Web (Wupperverband)

UFPR Overview of the project results in Brazil

SaWaM Tool Demonstration

WANDEL Share - Screencast

MuDaK Review Final Conference

MuDak Project Documentation Movie

WSP Tool guided tour by disy

iWaGSS Water Management System - a guided tour

DIE GEWÄSSER-EXPERTEN! Digital Surface Models by drone

DIE GEWÄSSER-EXPERTEN! Rivers in the Lower Olifants River Catchment

KIT - Development of the in situ measuring system HIPPO

RUB – Surface Water Modelling – Building a 1D Hydrodynamic Model

MedWater Film

Virtual Water Values (ViWA) - Change of Leaf Area Index