Cross-cutting topic: Water footprint


Trade in virtual water is increasingly creating global links between local and regional water resources. The GRoW research projects are therefore not limiting their focus to local and regional solutions; they are also investigating how consumption is linked to and affects water resources in other parts of the world. The GRoW projects concerned with water footprint are working on methods for measuring water footprint in order to identify areas where water is being used inefficiently and implement practical measures for reducing the water footprint. This cross-cutting topic aims to link the GRoW projects working in this area and to leverage potential synergies. 

Coordinator: Dr Markus Berger (TU Berlin)
Support: Dr Falk Schmidt (IASS Potsdam)


Policy Brief

Policy Brief: Advancing the Water Footprint into an instrument to support achieving the SDGs


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Downloads and results

1st meeting of the working group, 21 March 2018

2nd meeting of the working group, 27 September 2018

GRoW Mid-term conference, 20 - 21 February 2019

3rd meeting of the working group, 17 May 2019

SIWI World Water Week, 25. - 30. August 2019

GRoW Final Conference, 20 - 21 October 2020

Publication in "Water Resources Management"

  • Berger, M., Campos, J., Carolli, M. Dantas, I., Forin, S., Kasotica, E., Kramer, A., Mikosch, N., Nouri, H., Schlattmann, A. Schmidt, F., Schomberg, A. & E. Semmling (2021): Advancing the Water Footprint into an Instrument to Support Achieving the SDGs – Recommendations from the "Water as a Global Resources" Research Initiative (GRoW). In: Water Resources Management 2021 35: 1291-1298. Access the pdf version here