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20 October 2020


Welcoming words, Oda Keppler (German Federal Ministry of Education and Research)

Introduction to the funding measure GRoW, Prof. Stefan Uhlenbrook (International Water Management Institute)

Keynote: Tackling the water crisis: Accelerating progress towards achieving SDG 6 and scaling impact to the local level, Dr. Olcay Ünver (Arizona State University, formerly UN-Water)

Plenum: project presentations

ViWA, Prof. Wolfram Mauser (University of Munich LMU)

GlobeDrought, Prof. Stefan Siebert (University öf Göttingen)

SaWaM, Prof. Harald Kunstmann (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology)

MuDak-WRM, PD Dr. Stephan Fuchs (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology) & Dr. Nils Wolf (EFTAS)

MedWater, Prof. Irina Engelhardt (Technical University of Berlin)

Stakeholder Forum A: Digital innovations for managing water quantity

Rainfall forecasting in Sudan, H.E. Dr. Yasir Mohamed (Minister of Irrigation and Water Resources, Republic of Sudan)

Innovations from ViWA, Dr. Heike Bach (VISTA Remote Sensing in GeoSciences GmbH)

GlobeDrought stakeholder engagements and commercialization, Tobias Landmann (RSS GmbH)

Stakeholder Forum B: Water quality management

The GlobeWQ Project: Global Water Quality and Analysis Platform, Dr. Christian Schmidt (UFZ)

MuDak-WRM: Data Integration with the Sensor Web, Christian Malewski (Wupperverband)

River Management in the Krueger National Park, Eddie Riddell (SANParks)

Plenum: project presentations

WELLE, Dr. Markus Berger (Technical University of Berlin)

InoCottonGROW, Dr. Frank-Andreas Weber (FiW e.V.)

Plenum: cross-cutting topics

Water footprint, Dr. Markus Berger (Technical Uniersity of Berlin)

SDGs: Hitting the targets, Dr. Frank-Andreas Weber (FiW e.V.)

Incentive mechanisms in the context of governance, Prof. Karl-Ulrich Rudolph (iEEM gGmbH - University of Witten/Herdecke)

21 October 2020

Plenum: project presentations

WANDEL, Prof. Martina Flörke (Ruhr-University of Bochum)

STEER, Prof. Claudia Pahl-Wostl (University of Osnabrück)

TRUST, Christian León (University of Stuttgart)

iWaGSS, Jens Hilbig (iEEM gGmbH - University Witten/Herdecke)

go-CAM, Michael Sander (Giscon)

Stakeholder Forum C: Decision support systems to prevent water conflicts

Lessons from the uMngeni in South Africa, Dr. Sabine Stuart-Hill (University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa)

The online CAM dialogue platform, Dr. Konstantin Scheihing (OOWV)

The TRUST Tool for Water Risk Management, Dr. Andreas Abecker (Disy)

MedWater: Web based Decision Support System, Dr. Micha Gebel (VisDat)

Stakeholder Forum D: Applying water footprint tools

Applying water tools in WELLE, Aurélie Wojciechowski (evonik)

Water Footprint for sugarcane-based electricity generation, Dr. Vinicius Bof Bufon (Brazilian Agricultural Research Corperation EMBRAPA Cerrados)

Global Programme Sustainability and Value Added in the Cotton Economy, Vikash Sinha (GIZ Global Programme Sustainability and Value Added in the Cotton Economy)

Closing remarks

Safeguarding water resources in a globalizing world: Science-based recommendations for taking action in the face of water resources and economic development, Prof. Wolfram Mauser (University of Munich LMU)