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Networking and transfer project within the BMBF funding measure

The GRoW research activities are accompanied by GRoWnet, a networking and transfer project led by adelphi. GRoWnet aims to identify and effectively use synergies between the twelve joint research projects. It will help ensure that the developed approaches are applied, and will actively support the projects in transferring their research findings and solutions into policy and practice. In doing so, GRoWnet will increase the overall impact of the funding measure. To achieve this, GRoWnet will do the following:

  • Encourage knowledge exchange and networking between the joint research projects, using interactive event formats
  • Adopt a broad user perspective, highlight possible marketing strategies and help to strengthen the policy connectivity of the results (transferring results into practice and putting them to commercial use)
  • Summarise the overall findings from GRoW and produce evidence-based recommendations for policy, practice and, if necessary, funding agencies
  • Communicate the funding measure’s findings to different target groups – the public, experts and policymakers

In addition, a steering group will be formed with representatives from policymaking and industry who will reflect on the funding measure’s approach and the interim results. GRoWnet will work with the steering group to draft recommendations on how to make the research projects more relevant in terms of achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and more practically applicable.