go-CAM regional workshop on the implementation of strategic development goals in coastal aquifer management – register now!

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On 17 June 2021, the GRoW project go-CAM will present its findings on coastal hydrology and coastal water management in the digital “CAM-NordWest Regional Workshop”. At the same time, the software-based CAM dialogue platform will be introduced as a promising decision-support-system in coastal management. Registration for the workshop is possible until 16 June!

The use of coastal aquifers is often hampered by saltwater intrusion. The GRoW project go-CAM contributes to assessing the risk of such saltwater intrusion as well as nitrate pollution in the context of climate change and socio-economic changes. To this end, the researchers have built and calibrated hydrological, hydrogeological and geological models within which various parameters and indicators allow a detailed assessment of the status of groundwater resources.

The result of the research process is the software-based coastal zone management system CAM (Coastal Aquifer Management), which combines decision support methods, hydrosystem models and monitoring data, and thus serves as an important tool for practitioners in coastal zone management.

On 17 June 2021, the project will present its results in the digital “CAM-NordWest Regional Workshop” to discuss them with interested stakeholders. To find out more about the programme and register for the workshop, please click here. Registration is open until 16 June 2021.