Guest contribution by Prof Dr Wolfraum Mauser in Frankfurter Rundschau

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„Water for everyone“ is the title of the guest contribution of GRoW researcher Prof Dr Wolfram Mauser, published by the Frankfurter Rundschau for World Water Day 2021. The hydrologist explains the GRoW Call for Action which is calling upon global leaders in business and policy to tackle the global water crisis.

In his contribution, Prof Dr Wolfram Mauser points out that many regions of the world are already struggling with major water problems. These regions are closely linked to Germany, for example through global supply and value chains, wealth gaps and migration movements. Water plays an increasingly important role in these global connections. This means that water consumption in the Global North contributes to water scarcities in countries of the Global South. Decision-makers in German politics and business therefore have the responsibility to perceive and treat water as a valuable global resource.

To meet this responsibility, sustainable water management is key. The digital age with its variety of data, instruments and models provides a strong knowledge base for a more sustainable water management. The task now is to use this knowledge and incorporate it into water governance structures so that a productive coordination and cooperation between all responsible levels of government, sectors and actors will be achieved.

To find out more, read the full article in Frankfurter Rundschau here (available in German language only).