MedWater in the current issue of the “Grundwasser” Journal

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The current issue of “Grundwasser – Zeitschrift der Fachsektion Hydrogeologie” presents a concept for the sustainable management of groundwater resources in karst aquifers, which was developed within the MedWater project.

The starting point of the MedWater project is that the Mediterranean region is facing increasing water stress, which not only affects the regional ecosystems, but also poses new challenges for the local population and decision-makers. Karst aquifers play an important role in the region because they supply many Mediterranean countries with drinking and process water. Due to their underground cavities, karst aquifers have a high transmissivity, but at the same time also a low storage capacity and a high sensitivity to changes in climate.

MedWater is therefore aiming to develop a web-based decision support system (DSS), which is addressed to local decision-makers and should facilitate a more efficient water use as well as the conservation of existing groundwater resources. The tool is based on different forecast models and creates management options for the Western Mountain Aquifer in Israel and the Palestinian Territory. The results obtained in this region will be validated in Lez, France, and Capodifiume, Italy, and then be transferred to the global level using remote sensing data.

The complete article is available here (in German only) and further information on MedWater here.