Successful final workshop of the MuDak-WRM project in Curitiba

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The final workshop of MuDak-WRM took place on March 3, 2020, in the Tarumá area in Curitiba, Brazil. Around 90 project-internal and external participants came together on the premises of the Brazilian industrial partner and water supplier SANEPAR to discuss the latest findings within the project’s different working areas.

The project results of MuDak-WRM were met with great interest both from within the circle of directly involved stakeholders and beyond. This was for example reflected by the presence of Ricardo Fonseca, President of the Universidade Federal do Paraná (UFPR), Julio Gonchorosky, Head of the Department for Environmental and Social Action at SANEPAR, and Mario Zigovski, Leading Manager and President of SANEPAR.

In addition to the discussion of the project-oriented results, the perspective was widened by Prof. José Rodolfo Scarati from the University of São Paulo, who gave a keynote presentation on the University’s current research activities in the field of hydraulics.

Thanks to the simultaneous translation of the entire workshop organized by SANEPAR, a broad understanding of the scientific and interdisciplinary content discussed could be guaranteed for everyone present. The UFPR television team followed the workshop and created a movie summary, available in Portuguese here.

The project’s scientific results will be available for download here in the form of short product flyers.

During the remaining six months of the research project, the MuDak-WRM team will focus on finalizing publications and synthesizing key findings.