Webinar #3:
"New tools for groundwater management" (in German)


25 Januar 2022, 11:00 - 13:00 CET (online)

In this webinar, GRoW partners from the go-CAM, TRUST, and MedWater projects will share targeted knowledge on new tools for groundwater management. The tools developed have the potential to provide water suppliers and decision-makers with the information needed to develop sustainable adaption strategies and increase water security, especially in vulnerable areas. 


With the following contributions: 

  • Keynote "Ten minutes for more security of supply", Egon Harms, OOWV
  • Saltwater intrusion monitoring system SAMOS, Dr. Helga Wiederhold, LIAG (go-CAM project)
  • Water Safety Plan-Tool for risk management in water supply, Sebastian Sturm, TZW (TRUST project)
  • Groundwater modelling and a web-based decision support system, Paul Hepach, TU Berlin & Dr. Michael Gebel, VisDat (MedWater project)
  • CAM Online Dialogue Platform, Prof. Dr. Hans Matthias Schöniger, TU Braunschweig & Michael Sander, GISCON (go-CAM project)

Here you can watch the recording of the webinar.