Good governance in the water sector


In itself, knowledge about the global challenges facing the water sector is not enough to achieve real improvements in the situation. Research and practical work done in recent decades have clearly shown that, although relevant technologies are available, progress on adopting and applying efficient, equitable and sustainable modes of water resources management is advancing only very slowly.
Problems regarding implementation stem from an absence of skills and acceptance, and also from a lack of incentive mechanisms to encourage efficient and sustainable water use. To achieve ambitious international targets such as the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals, many countries will have to make major changes to the way they manage water resources.

Within the "good governance in the water sector" topic, the GRoW funding measure focuses on developing methods that can communicate expertise effectively. An important part of this will involve measuring and documenting progress on the specified changes. In particular, suitable indicators for the multidimensional concept of sustainability must be identified, and their applicability verified.

The following GRoW joint research projects are working on this topic: