„So that the sources don’t dry up“ – press release from TU Berlin on MedWater results

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TU Berlin published a press release on the GRoW joint project MedWater. In particular, it highlights the relevance of the research results for reducing the potential for conflict over water resources in Israel and the Palestinian autonomous regions.

The focus of the GRoW joint project MedWater, led by TU professor and hydrogeologist Dr. Irina Engelhardt, is researching the Western Mountain Aquifer. This aquifer is, on the one hand, a karst aquifer with a correspondingly low storage capacity, and, on the other hand, one of the most important water resources for Israel and the Palestinian autonomous regions.

In three years of applied research, the participating scientists were able to show that the groundwater recharge in the study area will decrease significantly in the future. The reasons for this lie in a growing population, intensive agriculture, and climatic changes. This development will pose considerable challenges for the approximately six million people who live in the study region.

The international research team has therefore developed forecasting models that serve as a basis for developing strategies. Those are intended to both initiate more efficient and sustainable water use, as well as enable access to water for all population groups.

Please read the entire TU press release here (available only in German language). Further information on MedWater are available here.